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MoU Between our College and Datalink Industrial Corporation

MoU Between our College and Spectrum Metal Profiles

MOU Between Our Institute and E-pack Durables

MoU Between our College and ALSTONE

MoU Between our College and Amber Enterprise(I) Limited

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Welcome to Government Polytechnic Sahiya, Dehradun

The polytechnic started in the year 2006 with one course of three year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with yearly intake of 40 students. At present there are 111 students out of which 24 are girls & rest boys. Initially till 2009 the polytechnic was being run in combination with Government Polytechnic, DehraDun but in the year 2009 the polytechnic was shifted to it’s under construction premises at Udpalta Road Sahiya.

The premise is still under construction & is located some five kilometers away from main Sahiya Bazaar. Sahiya is located at an altitude of around 2000 meter & is around 70 kilometers from DehraDun & 30 Kilometers from Vikas Nagar on DehraDun Chakrata Main Road. This place is well connected by road. The nearest Railway Station is DehraDun & nearest air port is Jolly Grant.

Aarogya Setu


Education, today, is not limited to a narrow space, it embraces, the depth of knowledge, the culture of character and the blending of personality. Government has taken a pioneering initiative in providing unlimited opportunities to students to excel and prove their mettle in Technical fields. It is an institution with the underlying aims of education and education psychology. In a secular environment, educational and co-curricular activities are a common feature. Competitions are organized at different levels to promote national integration.
Mr. Suresh Kumar